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Jeffrey C. May


  • B.A. Columbia College (chemistry)
  • M.A. Harvard University (organic chemistry)


  • Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional, Association of Energy Engineers
  • Council-Certified Microbial Consultant, American Council for Accredited Certification
  • Mold Assessor License, State of Florida
  • Certificate in Food Science Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • “Identification of Fungi in Culture,” C.J.K. Wang, College of Environment and Forestry, SUNY Syracuse
  • “Fungal Spores Identification & Bioaerosol Samplers Workshop,” Aerobiology Instruction & Research
  • “Pollen and Fungal Spore Identification and Bioaerosol Samplers,” Michael Muuilenberg of Harvard School of Public Health
  • “Advanced Mold Investigation and Sampling Techniques,” P&K Lab
  • “Current Understanding and Advances in Mold Assessment, Sampling and Analysis,” P&K Lab
  • “Health Effects of Indoor Allergens, Mold and Endotoxin,” Indoor Biotechnologies
  • “Impact of Climate Change on Indoor Environments,” Maine Indoor Air Quality Council
  • “PCB’s in Building Materials,” IAQA Manchester
  • “Diagnosing and Solving Indoor Air Quality Problems in Buildings,” Maine Indoor Air Quality Council
  • “ASHRAE Standards: Managing HVAC Design and Comfort in the Indoor Environment,” IAQA Manchester
  • “Infrared Thermography,” Snell Infrared
  • “Mold Contractors, Consultants and Clearance Expectations,” IAQA Manchester


  • Council-Certified Microbial Consultant, American Council for Accredited Certification
  • Building Consultant
  • Indoor Air Quality Professional
  • Organic chemist
  • Former Adjunct Professor, Department of Work Environment, U MA Lowell
  • Lecturer: see Presentations
  • Author
  • Memberships

Constance L. May


  • B.A. Tufts University (English Literature, Education)
  • M.Ed. Boston University (Secondary English)


  • Educational Administrator
  • Teacher, specializing in expository writing
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Writing Consultant


  • From Thought to Action, by C. Lowell May and Holly Hickler, Allyn and Bacon
  • The Mold Survival Guide: For Your Home and for Your Health, by Jeffrey C. May and Connie L. May, Johns Hopkins University Press
  • Jeff May’s Healthy Home Tips, Johns Hopkins University Press